NOW AVAILABLE! Everealm is released today!

Today is the day! I chose this day because it’s already my favorite day of the year, which seemed fitting for it to also be the release date for my debut novel. Everealm is now available for immediate purchase and pre-orders have been distributed.Here are the links for purchase:


Barnes & Noble:
I will also be posting a Guide to Everealm (on the blog) within the next week, which will make it easier to keep track of the different kingdoms and characters as we travel the realm and meet them all. Don’t forget to check out the teaser chapters in the back of the book for the sequel, Wildfire. I hope to have it ready soon!

Teaser Short Story!


The countdown begins.. three days to go! In celebration of my debut novel release date on the 31st, I have decided to post a short story, including a couple of characters of Everealm. It takes place BEFORE the time-frame that the actual book begins. Consider it a bonus! The theme of the story may make an appearance in the book, so keep your eyes peeled for it!


Apple Tart

Breestlin waited until she was certain everyone in the castle would be asleep before sneaking out of her chambers. In her nightgown and slippers, she quietly tiptoed down the stone stairs to the first floor, ducking to hide behind a statue when one of her father’s guards walked past.
She felt a sneeze coming on. Oh, no. “Achoo!”
She tried to muffle the sound with the sleeve of her gown, but the guard heard her. He stopped walking and stood still, listening. Bree froze and held her breath. A few moments later, the guard began to walk down the hallway, again, and disappeared out of sight. Phew!
 The last time she was found out of bed in the night, her mother scolded her in front of the other children who attended schooling in the castle with Bree. It had been rather embarrassing to have her mother, the queen, chastising her in front of her friends. Being a princess, she was expected to behave in a manner that was “above reproach”, or something like that. She barely paid attention to her mother’s words when she was reprimanded. For an eleven-year-old girl, she simply didn’t care. She had plenty of time to be a princess later.
 It wasn’t as if she would get into too much trouble if she got caught, but she certainly didn’t want to be sent to bed before she got what she came for. Seeing that the hallway to her right was clear, she snuck down it and into the kitchens.
Once the cooks and kitchen maids were done working for the day, everything was put away, but she knew just where to look to find exactly what she wanted. Tiptoeing across the room, she was careful not to touch anything. The metal pots would make a lot of noise if she bumped into one of them, hanging on the wall. When she reached a large wooden cupboard, she slowly opened one door. It squeaked but only for a moment.
There in front of her sat an entire apple tart, fresh and untouched. The moment she opened the door, the smell of the apples and cinnamon made her mouth water. She pulled it out of the cupboard and tucked it under her arm.
Suddenly, she heard a noise behind her. She spun around, expecting to find a guard, but the room was empty. Quickly, she ducked down and hid beside the cupboard. There was another noise. She started to panic. It could be a rat, which she definitely didn’t want to encounter. As she listened, a door to a different cupboard on the opposite wall opened. Confused, she stood up. There wasn’t anyone there. Ghosts? In the castle?
She leaned over to get a better look.
“Ahh!” Bree yelped and nearly jumped out of her own skin.
Rowan was doubling over in laughter, with his hand on his stomach. Bree tried to catch her breath.
“You should have seen your face! Hilarious. I wish Finn were here to see it,” he continued to chuckle between bites of honey brittle that he had taken from the cupboard.
“Damn you, Rowan. You lousy son of a—“
“Tsk, tsk, princess. Don’t let your mother hear you talk like that. She’ll tan your backside. Actually, I’d like to see that.” He grinned, taking another bite. The scowl she was giving him was quite entertaining.
“I hate you.” She might have really meant it this time, but it didn’t seem to faze him. His smile just got bigger, making her even more irritated than before. “You’re not supposed to be out of bed, either, Rowan.”
The way she said his name sounded a lot like the way his mother used to say it, when he was in trouble. He didn’t care for it. His mother had been dead for two years now and it still stung when something reminded him of her. His grin quickly turned into a scowl, which matched Bree’s. He glanced down at her arms.
“An apple tart. Seriously? Of all the candies Misses Delray leaves lying around, you snuck out of bed for a tart? With fruit?” He shook his head and polished off the last bite of his brittle, then licked his fingers. His treat had certainly been worth the risk of being caught and his punishment wasn’t likely to be as severe. He was merely a page, not a princess.
Before she could reply, they heard a noise from the hallway and stooped down to hide behind the large wooden table beside them.
“Good move, you idiot,” Bree whispered. “You’ve alerted the guards with your laughing. Now we’ll both get into trouble.”
“No, we won’t. Follow me.” He nudged the sleeve of her nightgown and she followed him around the back side of the kitchens and into the pantries. “There’s a door in the back,” he whispered, seeing the confusion on her face. Quietly, they snuck through the pantries and into the buttery behind it. Sure enough, there was another door that led into the hallway. Rowan stuck his head out of the door and saw it was clear.
“Come on.” He held the door open just enough so she could fit through. The castle was really old and almost every door squeaked. He was careful not to open it further than necessary. They walked slowly toward the stairs, keeping an eye out for guards.
“Do you need me to walk you up?” he asked. His chambers were in the knight’s wing, with his father, which was on the other side of the castle.
“No, I can manage.” She rolled her eyes at him. She was perfectly capable of walking up stairs on her own. She’d made it to the kitchens just fine without him.
“Alright. See you tomorrow,” he whispered and started to walk away. Bree turned to go up the stairs, but stopped when Rowan came back over to her.
“What is it? Did you hear someone?” She looked around, beginning to panic.
Rowan didn’t answer. Instead, he quickly reached over and snagged a chunk of the tart and sauntered off. He smiled to himself when he heard her voice behind him.
“I really do hate you.”

Imagination.. A Gift or a Curse??

As I sit here watching my favorite evening shows, (many of which include vast imaginary tales), I began to wonder about something…

Is an active imagination a gift or a curse?

As a child, I had an extremely overactive imagination. Any chance my mind had to wander, it did. Even a short trip to the bathroom in elementary school, I would pretend I was a secret agent, saving the school from evil. Alone in my room, I was anything I wanted to be, wielding magic, ruling a kingdom, healing the world. I thought my ability to create my own unrealistic reality would pass when I got older, but it never did.

Instead, my imagination adapted. I would read a new fantasy book or series and become absorbed inside the pages and the stories. Even when I was old enough to read adult novels, it was the fantasy tales that drew me in the most. The worlds, created by my favorite authors, allowed me to escape whatever troubles or worries I was facing in the real world.

Even as an adult, I still find myself drawn to fantasy. The majority of the books I read, or the shows/movies I watch have a fantasy theme. I have used my imagination in my day job, letting my creativity shine in my creations. It wasn’t until recently that I realized I could take it much further with writing.

But all of this dependency on my imagination and make-believe fantasies to help me cope with life has created a false sense of reality for me. I sometimes dream too large, creating unrealistic expectations and deep depression when things don’t meet those expectations. I also have trouble coping with change or surprises, having intensely imagined my future a specific way. If anything goes awry, I shut down, unable to handle the fact that my fairy tale life may be different than I’ve imagined.

So again, I wonder.. Can having a grand imagination actually be harmful? Can it prevent you from “growing up” and facing the world?

For now, I choose to treat it like a gift, drawing it out as long as I can. As a fiction writer, it’s necessary. But in the future, if I ever decide to stop writing, I wonder if my view on this will change…


So much to write, so little time!

Everealm became available to pre-order today on, but I am already deep into the sequel! When you have a story stuck in your head, it’s impossible to focus on anything else. I have realized that I could possibly be addicted to writing! I think about it, even when I am doing something completely unrelated and the characters voices are constantly speaking to each other in my mind. To most people, this probably sounds like I am losing my marbles. Fellow writers, however, are probably nodding to themselves as they read this, understanding completely.

So even though telling this story has been amazingly therapeutic to use my usually stifled imagination and quite more relaxing than I anticipated, it has also been extremely time consuming. No worries, though! I am happy to be crazed and sleep-deprived, if it means I can share the story with everyone. And I hope others stay up reading it, the same way I do with my favorite books. Thus completing the circle of zombie people walking around with zero sleep!


Rolling Along…

Things are progressing quite nicely this week. I am awaiting the first draft of the concept artwork for the Everealm book cover! I have been working with the amazing Fiona, from Fiona Jayde Media, on designing a killer ebook cover for the first book of the series. She is super talented and I am so happy I came across her site during my search for a graphic designer. You can check out her awesome work, here: The final edits have been made to the draft, so as soon as the cover is finalized, Everealm will be ready for publishing to ebook! 

I have also finished the first chapter of Wildfire, which will be the title of the second book in the Everalm Series. The outline is done, and the hard part is filling in the rest of the book, but I am very excited to finally put Everealm aside and jump into Wildfire. In Wildire, we will continue our journey with Bree & Rowan, and Dagan & Sidonie, but we will also get to meet some new characters and travel to new locations, including a nice trip to visit Vale! I can’t wait to get Everealm published so that everyone can get just as excited for Wildfire as I am! 

As soon as the cover for Everealm is ready, I will share it here and on the Facebook page, so make sure you are subscribed to this blog AND don’t forget to “Like” our Facebook page. Thanks so much to everyone for their support!