Photoshoot & A Paperback Novel!

I’ve needed to get photos done for a while now, to have some nice pictures for the book, blog, etc. Most authors get headshots and I did, too. However, I put my own twist on them! Fantasy-medieval-ish style! I also got a couple of full-body shots, too. Check out a few of them:

Then, my week got even better when my paperback copy of Everealm came in the mail! Forgive the bad photos. I was in the car and too excited to wait to share!

I am still working on Wildfire for printing. I will be including a copy of each book and a gorgeous hand-made necklace in a giveaway for the book tour next week! So excited about the tour! Well, I’m off to roll out cookie dough (baker by day, remember?)! See ya!


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