Back in the Saddle, Again…

I have been in a bit of a slum for the past few weeks or so. My sleep schedule had gone so completely out of whack that I had to correct it. Anyone who has gone from being a night owl to a day owl (pretty sure that doesn’t exist) will understand my troubles.

Once I got my sleep schedule more manageable, we had a death in the family. My Mamaw (grandmother for those who aren’t used to the term) died at the age of 74. She was the last of my living grandparents, making her passing even more devastating and I was unable to attend the memorial. She was an avid reader and lover/writer of poetry, which is something that we bonded over. Her sweet laugh will be missed…

On a lighter note, Aurora has been officially released!

Also, the cover for Dynasty (Book Five of the Everealm Series) is finished!

Progress (Everealm):

I am on chapter five of Dynasty, the final book of the Everealm Series! It was a slow start due to my slum (see above for explanation). But now that I have found my “groove” I have written 2 1/2 chapters in three days. I may get back to my chapter-a-day schedule if I’m lucky.

Also, I am working on answering questions for an author interview with one of my favorite bloggers! Look for that, coming soon! 🙂

Progress (Songs):

Still working on the outline for this series but I have over 19,000 words written in my “snippets” document for upcoming books. If you aren’t aware, I tend to write certain scenes as they come to me or when I’m in the mood for them. I keep them in a snippets document and pull them when I’m ready. I am having second thoughts on my original cover designs for this series so I will continue to work on those, as well.

P.S. Feedback on Aurora is slowly trickling in and it’s positive so far! Phew!
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Quick Update!!

Everealm Series:

I’ve been pretty quiet for the past week. Sorry about that! When I’m editing, I am either reading the manuscript or listening to it (text-to-speech), so it requires a lot of attention.

The final edit for Aurora is finished! Woohoo!

I am waiting on my proofreader to get through the teaser chapter for Dynasty (Book Five) and then I will be sending the book to my list of reviewers as well as uploading it to Amazon. No wait this time. I would rather get right into working on the last book than wait around for release dates.

I am working on the cover for the fifth book, right now. I will share it once it’s ready. Hopefully, by the end of the day. It’s snowing outside and we have a long weekend ahead of us so I hope to get a lot of book work done!

Songs Series:

Still working on the outline for the series. I have changed my mind a few times on the details of the plot but I hope to have a plot summary ready for you, soon! I will also be working on the book covers as I go. I will be adding the first book of the series to Goodreads once I have a plot summary ready so everyone can add it to your TBR lists. So excited about spending more time in Everealm!

And We Have A Series Title!!

Sort of.

I may change my mind, but for now I have decided that the next series will be the:

Songs of Everealm Series                     

(AKA: Songs Series) 

Book Order: 

Song of Sovereign (Book One)
Song of Sparrows (Book Two)
Song of Sorrow (Book Three)
Song of Shadows (Book Four)

If you haven’t figured out already, I decided to name each book after one of the 4 seas in Everealm. I mainly did that because there will be four books and there are four seas. It just seems like a simple way to do it! Also, I am calling it Songs of Everealm to signify that it is a continuation (with a short time jump) of the Everealm Series. Including Everealm in the series title will (hopefully) make it easier for people to find the series when searching for it and know that the two are connected. Does that make sense? Hope so…

I am on Chapter 20 of Aurora! Still deciding how to end this book so that it flows easily into the fifth book. I may just keep writing and decide where to end the book once I get a few chapters into book #5, which is still untitled. *sigh* I’m working on it. 🙂

That’s all for now!


First Step Is Admitting You Have A Problem…

I was reading an article on the web a few days ago that asks when a writer should begin to consider themselves to be “authors”. I admit, I still don’t. However, I can admit that I have become a bit obsessed with storytelling.


Aurora & Book Five

– I spent yesterday listening to my rock playlist in order to get into the mood to write “Sire”. It takes a certain mindset to be inside of Silas’ head and it isn’t very pretty. However, I think that my last chapter feels more like the Silas we grew to hate in Everealm and I can’t deny that nasty villains keep the story interesting.
– Just started Chapter Thirteen!
– I’ve begun narrowing down a photo for the cover of Book #5. I’ve also started thinking about a name for the fifth book, but one hasn’t come to me yet.

Playlist for today:

~ Little Mix – Secret Love Song (New favorite song!)
~ Taylor Swift – Out of the Woods
~ Cold War Kids – First
~ Allure – All Cried Out
~ Alanis Morissette – Right Through You
~ Led Zepplin – Black Dog
~ Ed Sheeran – Give Me Love
~ Taking Back Sunday – New American Classic
~ Adele – Send My Love (To Your New Lover)

Yes, I know. I have a strange taste in music. I was actually listening to oldies earlier, too. “He’s a rebel and he’ll never ever be any good…”

Next Series

– I need to name this series soon because I’ve already gotten half of it outlined. This one looks to be four books.
– I have been considering the covers for this series and I think I will stick with something celestial/magic themed, instead of gowns like I’ve used for the Everealm Series.
– For genre classification, I have changed my mind and this will not be a strict YA series, after all. I enjoy writing intimacy between my characters and having the freedom to show a little gore when necessary (life isn’t always pretty). I originally wanted to stick with a cleaner YA because I wanted to give my daughters a series to read when they get a bit older, however, this won’t be that series. I will just have to write another one for them, later on. 🙂
– If all goes smoothly with the last two books of the Everealm Series, I will be working on this series before the year has ended. The time jump (8 or 10 yrs) may be staggering for some readers, especially when you realize that Sarita and Gabby will be adults then, with adult-like thoughts and activities… hint-hint… Though, if I can get past it, you can, too! 😉

That’s all for now. I’m off to continue Chapter 13 of Aurora!

Blood Moon is here! And the winner is…

Happy New Year!

The giveaway has ended! The winner is…

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Congratulations! 🙂

Blood Moon’s release day is here! The pre-orders have gone out and Blood Moon is now available on Amazon & Kindle Unlimited! Click on the covers, below, for their pages.

Progress: Another chapter of Aurora is finished! I am now halfway through Chapter 8 and will hopefully get that one finished today, as well. Also, working on the outline for Book #5, which I have not decided on a title for yet.

Here is to a fantastic and book-filled year!

While We Wait – Week #5: Teaser Quotes & Book Trailer!


Release day is almost here! In less than 48 hours, the pre-ordered copies will go out and Blood Moon will become available on Amazon & Kindle Unlimited! I am behind on my post for this week, mostly due to holiday traveling. I was hoping to find the time to work on the book trailer for Blood Moon, however, I haven’t. 😦

I did take a few minutes to skim through the manuscript and pull a few teaser quotes to share with you! You can see who says a few of them. For the others, you’ll just have to read Blood Moon to find out who said what. Check them out, below.
~ Gabby gaped at her. “I know the queen likes to read stories to you, but you don’t actually believe them. Do you? There isn’t always a brave knight to come and save you.”
~ “Who are you?” he demanded. “And don’t lie to me. Did my father send you to track me? Are you a spy?”
“I am no spy,” she spat, pulling her arm away. “And even if I were a spy, I wouldn’t tell you. That would make me a terrible spy.”

~ “What are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be at the castle?” she shouted.

“Why are youhere? You should be at the castle. It’s your wedding day,” he shouted back.
“It’s your wedding day, too. Yet, you’re out in the forest, riding a horse.”

“And what are you riding, Princess? A ghost?”

“Are you hiding from your horse?”
“Don’t be judgmental. This is my last apple.”
~ “I’ve met plenty of princesses before,” he said, “but I’ve never kissed one.”
~ “Sid, I’ve been thinking about something,” he began.
“Oh, no. Why do I have a feeling that you are about to say something I will not like?”
“Because I am.”
~ “I can’t believe you agreed to this,” Rowan said, laughing. “This is the most insane idea that I have ever heard. And I have heard of some fairly ridiculous ideas. Even thought up a few of them, myself.”
~ “For a man with such confidence, Dagan, I am getting a small thrill watching you squirm.”
Teeheehee… I had a few more but didn’t want to share too much and ruin some of the surprises. 

Remember when I said that I was taking a break until the end of January? Well… apparently, I am a liar. Haha! I’m already on Chapter 7 of Aurora and I have started making notes for the next series to come, after I finish with the Everealm Series. The next series will spring ahead a few years and follow Sarita and Gabby (and a few others). I have yet to decide exactly how many years will pass between the two but I intend the series to start after Sarita enters adulthood. Of course, our favorite people will make appearances, but I also have a few new characters to add that I think you will love!

Also, the schedule for the Blood Moon book tour has been posted! Click on the tour banner at the top of the page for the schedule, or look below. I can’t wait to revisit some of my favorite bloggers and meet a few new ones!

New poll is up, too! —–>

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While We Wait – Week #4: Dream Cast – Part Four!


How fitting that the 4th part of my dream cast would fall on the 4th week of waiting… By the way, 4 is my favorite number. 🙂

Quick Update:
So… Last night I made a change to the manuscript for Blood Moon. I added the first 3 chapters of Aurora to the end of BM, giving the book 28 chapters, total. It was already my longest book, but now it clocks in at over 104,000 words. Don’t worry, there is still a teaser/preview chapter of Aurora (and it’s a doozy). 
Today, I will put the book on my Kindle, and listen. When editing the final draft, I always read it first, listen last. Hearing the story being told (via the text-to-speech) is a great way to see if the story flows naturally and that the dialogue is believable. Once I finish, I will send it off to Sara at YA Bound and she will send it to the bloggers who are joining the BM tour in January! 

Before we jump into the dream casting, I just want to say that I am seriously reconsidering my choice for Reeve! I completely forgot about my obsession with Daniel on Revenge (who was killed off before the show ended–but we won’t get into that!) and I just realized when I came across his photo today that this guy screams Reeve to me! His name is Josh Bowman! And if you finish reading Blood Moon and can’t picture this guy as Reeve, I will have failed as an author!! Just kidding.. No, really.. 😉

Dream Cast – Part Four!

I made a slight change to the line-up. Part four consists of: Cassandra, Zander, Seraphina, Nolan, Isabelle, & Edmund (just not in that order)


To be honest, I probably wouldn’t have even considered Linus Roache for King Nolan, had I not witnessed his incredible performance on Vikings, where he also plays.. wait for it.. a king! By the way, I loved this guy on Law & Order!


Jeanne Tripplehorn! I can’t think of a single thing I’ve seen her in that I didn’t love. Big Love was one of my favorite shows for several years (and not just because I’ve had a crush on Bill Paxton ever since Twister). She is an amazing actress and can totally nail Queen Isabelle’s poise and motherly-ness (is that a word?).


I had a little trouble finding a match for Edmund, mostly because his character is still growing so it’s hard to put a face to him when my own vision of him is constantly changing. With that being said, I think Timothy Dalton is brilliant on Penny Dreadful and would make a great Edmund!

Image result for sir malcolm penny dreadful


Oh, this one was pretty easy. Teresa Palmer is my Cassandra! I’ve loved her in everything I’ve seen her in, so far. I am still waiting on the sequel to I Am Number Four! She just breathes Cassandra, who is beautiful and quite smug about her ex-relationship with Dagan…

stories teresa palmer bedtime stories


I’ve gone back and forth on this one a lot. I mean, a lot! Zander is an important character in Blood Moon and beyond. For him, I choose Dylan Sprayberry, who actually is 17 so his age almost fits Zander’s, exactly. Which reminds me that I still have four episodes of Teen Wolf to catch up on before it starts back in January…

When you finish reading Blood Moon, if you picture a different person to play Zander, please let me know!


Claire Holt is my pick for Seraphina! Not only does she look a lot like what I envision when I write about Seraphina, but she is also a great actress who would easily be able to pull off our perfect princess’ attitude and complicated personality. You’ll see what I mean. 🙂


Tristan (and us!) will officially meet Seraphina in Blood Moon and it will likely go something like this:


I told you that you might see that gif, again!

Stay tuned! Next week: A couple of teaser snippets from the book and the Blood Moon book trailer debut!

Since you’re already here… The giveaway is still active and open worldwide! See below. 🙂
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