New in November!

Greetings from Everealm!

I can’t believe how busy this fall has already been. Between cookies and writing, I haven’t had a lot of time to be on the computer, which makes me sad. I have been checking in on my favorite blogs, though, at least twice a week. And I’ve tried to Tweet a few times, but mostly I’ve been working on Blood Moon. And guess what..?

It’s halfway finished! Yay!

But enough about what has already happened. Here is what’s NEW in November!

NetGalley: Everealm is now available on NetGalley! If you are a NetGalley member, feel free to send a request. Most requests will be granted. Wildfire is being added to NetGalley within the next 3 days (hopefully today!). So if you’ve read Everealm but haven’t gotten around to Wildfire yet, now is your chance!

Book Tour: Wildfire is touring November 23-28 through Bewitching Book Tours! I will be doing a giveaway with this tour, similar to the YA Bound tour. It will include paperback copies of BOTH Everealm and Wildfire AND instead of a necklace, you can win a gorgeous pair of earrings from Rabbitwood and Reason. I just love that Etsy shop! Her jewelry creations are really magnificent.

Giveaways: In addition to the giveaway for the tour, I will be hosting another Goodreads giveaway for a signed paperback copy of Everealm. It starts on Friday the 13th (oooo spooky!) and ends on November 23rd. When the giveaway starts, I will put a widget at the top of the page, like before.

FREE: During the Wildfire book tour, Everealm ebook copy will be FREE on Amazon from November 23-27. Hopefully, anyone who sees the tour posts and is interested in starting the series will snag a free e-copy during the promotion.

Well, I think that is all of the happenings in November. If I think of any more, I will let you know. In the meantime, check out these amazing reviews of Everealm and Wildfire on Mikayla’s Bookshelf!

P.S. Don’t forget to take the poll. A new one just went up! ——–>



Photoshoot & A Paperback Novel!

I’ve needed to get photos done for a while now, to have some nice pictures for the book, blog, etc. Most authors get headshots and I did, too. However, I put my own twist on them! Fantasy-medieval-ish style! I also got a couple of full-body shots, too. Check out a few of them:

Then, my week got even better when my paperback copy of Everealm came in the mail! Forgive the bad photos. I was in the car and too excited to wait to share!

I am still working on Wildfire for printing. I will be including a copy of each book and a gorgeous hand-made necklace in a giveaway for the book tour next week! So excited about the tour! Well, I’m off to roll out cookie dough (baker by day, remember?)! See ya!

Ta-Da! Release Day is Here!!!

Wildfire (Book Two) just became live on Amazon & Smashwords within the past hour! It will be available on Barnes & Noble, iTunes, and many other sites within the next day or so. I am so excited to share the second installation of the series with everyone and I have been working on Blood Moon (Book Three) while I waited for the Wildfire listing to go live. I am so stinking happy with the direction the series is going in. I will also be working on some short stories to share in between Wildfire and Blood Moon. I plan to create a new page on here, titled “Everealm Chronicles” which will include Apple Tart and many other short stories or snippets with our favorite characters. This allows me to include more backstory and history, and also share things that happen throughout the series but got cut from the books. Perhaps, one day I will publish the chronicles on their own. For now, I hope everyone enjoys Wildfire and I can’t wait to hear your feedback!

Cover Reveal – Blood Moon!!

I could have done a cover reveal through the awesome YA Bound, who I have been working with for the review query and blog tour, but I am way too impatient to wait for a formal cover reveal!! So, here they are! The cover (and alternate cover) for Blood Moon, Book Three of the Everealm Series!! Cover is from the amazing, Fiona Jayde Media. Viola!

Here are the covers, all together!

Alternate Covers:

P.S. I am about 90% finished with the map of Everealm, including the two areas that you have yet to see: Southwest & North Everealm. I will certainly update it as the series goes along, but I do have the main 15 kingdoms placed, along with several cities, towns, etc.. Also, I will work on updating the Guide to Everealm over the next few days! (Link is at the top ^)


Map of Everealm! Visual aids are awesome!

Click on photo to enlarge!

Per a reader’s suggestion, I have made a quick map of Southeast Everealm. Books 1 & 2 are largely based in this region of Everealm. In Blood Moon (Book 3), we will venture slightly outside of Southeast Everealm on occasion, so I will post a map to the other areas when necessary. I will be adding the map to Wildfire before publishing and will also publish a new edition of Everealm, including the map. However, maps in the book may be smaller than the maps found here.

I hope a visual aid will help to prevent any confusion. Everealm is a large land with many kingdoms and inhabitants. I hope the maps, paired with the Guide of Everealm (at the top of the blog), will help to keep everything straight. Leave a comment below if you have any questions or comments!

Map(s) can be found in the Guide, or by clicking below.
Maps of Everealm


Everealm is available for FREE on Amazon!

For the next three days, Everealm, the first book of the Everealm series will be available on Amazon for free! The promotion ends Thursday at midnight (PST), so don’t wait too long. Meanwhile, Wildfire, the second book of the series is available for pre-order on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, Kobo, and iTunes, for a special pre-release price of $2.99. I will post the links to those tomorrow.

If you have already read Everealm, I would love to hear your thoughts! Please leave a review on our Amazon page. And many thanks, in advance.

P.S. Per a reader’s suggestion, I am working on a map of Everealm to include in Wildfire and here on the blog. It should help to keep the kingdoms straight, in addition to the Guide to Everealm, above. Once Wildfire is released, I will update the guide with more information. Thank you!