Don’t you just hate to come across a name that you don’t know how to pronounce? Or worse, you think it’s pronounced one way, only to find out later that it isn’t? I hate it, too.

For example, I always thought the name Kahlan from the Sword of Truth novels (by Terry Goodkind) was pronounced Kuh-lon. Once the series was turned into a television show, Legend of the Seeker, I learned that it is actually pronounced Kay-lin.

In books, you only hear the names in your head and not out loud, so it’s hard to know if it’s right. So here is a video and quick guide to Everealm’s pronunciations for the unconventional names.

P.S. If I left one out that you think should be included, just comment below and I will add it to the list!

Everealm – ever-elm

Breestlin (Bree) – bree-st-lin (So.. it sounds just like it looks!)
Cicilly (Cici) – sis-ill-ee
Sarita – su-ree-tuh
Celeste – cell-est
Thadine – thay-din
Rowan – row-un
Elric – ell-rick
Dagan – day-gun
Sidonie – sid-oh-nee (NOT sid-nee)
Adelphie – a-dell-fee
Sabra – say-bruh
Silas – sigh-luss
Vallica – vall-ick-uh
Dahlia – doll-ee-uh
Ethelda – eth-ell-duh
Rhea – ray-uh
Leitis – leet-iss
Anassania – ann-uh-sawn-yuh (AKA Anassa – ann-uh-suh)
Carneath – car-nee-ith
Cornithia – cor-nith-ee-uh
Nolan – no-lun
Tristan – trist-un
Xavier – egg-zay-vee-ur
Rianne – ree-ann
Eon – ee-un
Leonard – lin-urd
Gillea – jill-ee-uh
Seraphina – sarah-fee-nuh
Luther – loo-thur

Junacave – jew-nuh-cave
Sire – sigh-ur
Vale – sounds like veil, as in a bridal veil
Taten – tay-tin
Labara – luh-bar-uh
Carneath – car-nee-ith
Cornithia – cor-nith-ee-uh
Valerian (mountains) – vull-air-ee-in
Cyan (river) – sigh-un
Anestas – uh-nest-us
Elmber – elm-burr
Odustis – oh-dust-us
Veyace – vay-us
Zezura – ze-zur-uh
Moorine – more-een
Kilharie – kill-harr-ee
Baymoor – bay-more
Hosselly – hoss-ill-ee
Windermere – win-dur-meer

Terra Circle – tare-uh